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A listing of over 8000 Cigarette and Tobacco brands sold in the UK between 1870 - 1980 

The UK Tobacco Brands Library
 The Library of UK Tobacco Brands currently contains over 8000 different Cigarette and Tobacco brands that were on sale in the UK between the years 1870 to 1980.

The Library is in two parts, Tobacco Brands and Cigarette Brands both of which contain an A-Z list of manufacturers and distributors, the brands that they sold and the years during which the brands were known to have been on sale in the UK. The Library is updated regularly as new information comes to light and research is ongoing to find forgotten brands and lesser known company names that have disappeared into the mists of time.

Receive instant notification of Library updates via Twitter or RSS feed and access the Library at any time from a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone providing you with invaluable information both at home or whilst out and about looking for new finds.

I do hope that you will enjoy the benefits of this free resource.