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How do you you post an image in your question ? There is an image button but can't see an option to upload a file.

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asked Aug 12 in Tobacco Tins by 6strings4me (160 points)

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answered Aug 12 by TINMAN (440 points)
edited Aug 12 by TINMAN

Instructions on how to include images or links to images in your questions or answers are now provided on the right.


P.S. THis is how it looks

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To include an image in your message first of all upload it to this Free image sharing service at Imgbb,

You can then copy the image link provided and paste it in to your message for viewers to click on. They will view the image on the Imgbb website.

If you wish your image to appear in your message, you need to embed the full URL by clicking on the image icon in the message window and pasting the full URL into the URL frame.