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Vintage Cigars

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asked Oct 13 in Other Tobacciana by Martin
Hi,  Have a few vintage cigars of my fathers still wrapped and 2 in their original tubes. However have discovered I am unable to sell them on eBay. Wondered if you would be interested or could advise where to sell them
commented Oct 13 by TINMAN (440 points)
Can you send photos please

1 Answer

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answered Oct 13 by TINMAN (440 points)
Hi Martin,

Thanks for sending the photos.  I do not think these will be easy to sell as obviously they are not fit for consumption and collectors tend to look for older brands in decorative boxes. Napoleon cigars were a very popular in their day (C.1970) and are not at all rare, consequently this is not something that I would consider buying. As you say, Ebay and other Auction sites now prohibit the sale of anything with tobacco content making it very difficult to sell such items and I am unable to suggest any alternatives to you.
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