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Seeking information on Hignett's Silver Cloud Flake Tin.

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asked Aug 12, 2017 in Tobacco Tins by 6strings4me (180 points)
edited Aug 14, 2017 by 6strings4me


I'm not a tobacco tin collector so know very little about them, but I've been trying to find out about this tin.

I have searched the internet many times but haven't located an image or any information on this tin, but I did come across images of other types of Hignett tins. 

I'm guessing it maybe from around 1920s?

Hoping someone maybe familiar with it and can enlighten me?

Here's a couple of pictures:

Text from tin is 'Issued by the Imperial Tobacco Co, ( of Great Britain & Ireland) Limited'


commented Aug 13, 2017 by TIN COLLECTOR (560 points)
Is there any text on the inside lid? and can you give the size of the tin?

commented Aug 13, 2017 by 6strings4me (180 points)
Approximately 13.3cm wide x 10.6 cm deep and 4.0cm high measured on body of tin not the lid.
Can't see any text on inside of lid nor any other location, there are 6 air holes either end of the tin that look factory made.

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answered Aug 14, 2017 by TIN COLLECTOR (560 points)
John Hignett Company was formed in 1790, became Hignett Webster & Co in 1847, changed name to Hignett Bros & Co in 1858, joined with 12 other companies to form the Imperial Tobacco Company in 1901, was acquired by Cohen & Weenen in 1903 and then finally by the International Tobacco Company in 1930.

I cannot find this tin listed anywhere so here is a bit of deduction. Your tin was on sale after 1902 as it carries the Imperial Tobacco Company name, it does not appear in the 1912 copy of the Smokers Handbook, so the on sale date range would appear to be between 1902 - 1912. Hignetts did produce a cigarette brand named Silver Cloud which was on sale between 1900 and 1910 so this seems to confirm the date range.

Many brands were discontinued during the rationalisation that occurred after the formation of the ITC and this may well be one that had a very short shelf life. Sorry I cannot be more definite - perhaps someone else could put more meat on the bone?

commented Aug 14, 2017 by 6strings4me (180 points)
Thanks for that information.  I had also asked question of a group in Australia where I am but have had no responses to date.   I'm thinking  someone brought it out to Australia with them unless Hignett products were sold here back then.  

I acquired it amongst a group of non tobacco tins in a old wares shop and was curious about its history so I searched many times on the internet but could only find pictures of other Hignett tins and wondered why I couldn't find one of it.

I guess if it had such a short life span maybe not many have survived, of course its not in great condition so I guess its value is more historical interest than anything else.
Thanks again.
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